Happy New Year 2020

2019 has passed so quickly, The new year is full of promise and I have so many plans! I have had a few years now of not spending anything that I don’t need to during January and with cupboards full, enthusiasm for the new year high and others doing the same, it has been relatively easy.
2020 will be, in it’s entirety, one of spending as little as possible.

Resist, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle will be among my watchwords. Our cupboards are full to overflowing. At this moment I do not want or need anything. When the time comes that I do though, it will be given considerable thought and if I can sell something to raise the funds, I will. I have reused and recycled for years, now though, it is not considered being a “tight wad or skinflint” as my parents would have said, I can share my successes and failings without too much embarrassment.

I am quite good at keeping supermarket costs down, but there is always more to learn.

This feels confessional, I will be getting a new (to me) car. My present one has been Sorned and is to be towed away, raising funds for charity in the process. I will not have a car in January but will look for one in earnest come February. To continue being a help with our home renovation and our far flung family, a car is necessary. When out and about on my own, I will walk or cycle where possible.

If anyone else in West Berkshire is planning something similar or has any advice, I would love to hear from you.

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