My No Spend Year: January 2020

It has been a really good start to the year. I have done a lot for very little cash and managed to keep the supermarket bill (milk, bread, eggs, fruit & veg) for the month to around £70. I will be going through receipts for an accurate figure but I know that not having a car at the moment, eating less meat, no alcohol and the husband being away for the month has helped!
I stocked up on dog food, laundry liquid, dry goods and tins well before Christmas to last me, this has been a real bonus.
We are a household of four adults and two young children who like to have fun and spend time socialising. This month we have spent next to nothing on going out and about yet had a lot of fun.

New to me was the Nintendo Club. That’s me in action!

I enjoyed a free facial session in Camp Hopson. It was great to be pampered and given not only lots of great advice but samples of what was used. I bought a couple of products as a pre-agreed birthday gift. With discounts and the £5 I had on my card from spending last year, one of these worked out to be free.

As another birthday treat to myself, I took a day off from housework and the laptop and took the dogs out for a long, muddy walk, stopping off at Donnington Castle which is as you probably know, is free to enter.

I have been playing with Apps on my phone to see what is for free, food wise.  I claimed a portion of free fries, very tasty…  I also ordered the free coffee and cake at John Lewis, even tastier, and there is another treat online waiting.

Using the Stocard app has made my purse a lot tidier.  The Debenhams Beauty card offers regular sample sized gifts. This months was a  moisturiser that I gave to my eldest. Others offer birthday gifts without any spending involved.

I have taken up the offer of a couple of things on our local Freecycle site this month. I hauled a pile of gardening magazines on a dog walk (it was on my route) and I collected over 100 clothes hangers from someone 5 minutes from me – I am considering hosting a clothes swop event, this is a good start. I’ll keep you informed.

Hogan Music in Newbury offer free trial music lessons. I tried the Clarinet  and will be looking into how I can learn this year without spending, obviously not expecting someone who needs to earn a living, giving their time for free!

 Newbury library have been a huge help in moments of laptop despair and complete confusion. If you need any help online, Rav is your man. It’s a free service and something I will always be grateful for. Check out what your local library has to offer.

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