Lockdown 2020

27th May 2020 Life has certainly changed for us all. I hope you are safe and have found a way of coping that has kept you in a good frame of mind.

My No Spend Year has been incredibly easy so far. Nothing to report on that!

We, as an extended family have all remained healthy and never have I appreciated more how lucky I am to live in West Berkshire, in a house with good neighbours and a sunny garden. What I have found really hard is not seeing my other two children and their families. We are all looking forward to when we can all get together to celebrate the missed birthdays, Easter and Mothers Day with one huge group hug.

This feels like a confession, I have enjoyed the everyday lockdown life. My husband has continued to go out to work but we have spent quality time together, enjoyed each others company and reminded ourselves why we married decades ago.

I have not been using social media or my laptop anywhere near as much as I had been pre-lockdown, just for my own sanity, The initial panic and angry posts made me feel stressed. Instead I buried my head in the sand and have been doing the same as a lot of people, clearing the house of unwanted items, crafting in all it’s forms, reading in great chunks of time rather than a flick through a few pages, cooking, gardening in a pottering, genteel way, walking with the dogs and taking lots of photos! Nothing has been a rush. Hmmm, that’s probably why I have put on so much weight!!!

As we slowly start to relax some of the restrictions we have realised we do not want to return to the incredibly busy lives we had. Things that seemed so important (like ironing) I have realised do not need to be stressed over.

I was an obsessive yellow sticker shopper before all of this, with a cupboard full of tins, dry goods and a freezer full of meat and vegetables. I love to cook and would take the car to the supermarket and return with bags of shopping I had to find a space for. Then I would meal plan and bake around what I had bought. Now I pop out with a couple of bags having planned what to buy to make a meal with what we have. Something I should have been doing, but couldn’t see it. A couple of big shopping trips for dog food, alcohol etc. have been undertaken in military style by my daughter and I using her car.

I still do not have a car, by the way. My old one went not long after Christmas and I have not driven since just before then. As time has gone on, my plans for a road trip alone have not changed so I am really looking forward to finding a new to me car in the next few months, but the road trip, probably the Scottish Route 500 will have to be next year. I feel I have at least one long walk left in me too, maybe the Wye Valley. Oh, I would love to cycle the Southdowns Way again too!

Berkshire On A Budget will return and evolve with the new world I will be dipping my toes into sometime soon. I look forward to hearing from you and exchanging our experiences.

Thank you for reading. Karen x

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